First Meeting in Athens



The first meeting of MMLT was held in Athens at 17th and 18th of December of 2012 in the offices of Action Synergy. In the first day of the  meeting the partners met for the first time for this project and presented the work of their organizations . Afterwards it was presented the work plan of the Project from the project manager Kostas Diamantis Balaskas.  Lingua Piu' presented the Montessori Method. Afterwards we discussed about the Research ( Presentation of the 1st draft of the Research and Review Plan,  Discussion on the suggestions, methodology of work and guidelines for the initial study) and about the Development of the Manual (Presentation of initial ideas regarding the content of the manual)




In the Second day we discussed about Administrative and Financial Issues and the Management of the projects. Afterwards we talked about dessimination ( Presentation of the Dissemination Strategy of the Project from UPIT followed by a Discussion on the Dissemination Strategy) and about evaluation (Presentation of the Evaluation Strategy of the Project from our External Evaluator Lisa Morris) Finally we programmed the work to be done. 

FaLang translation system by Faboba